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Quill Falcon Australia was founded in 2009 and is the sole importer and distributor of the Quill Falcon Precision Dustless Kwikblast® System.

The Quill Falcon Precision Dustless Kwikblast® System is versatile, portable and can be used anywhere and at any time in a wide variety of applications. It is an extremely easy-to-use yet safe operating system that doesn’t cause environmental damage nor consume excessive natural resources. There is comparatively little dust and waste produced while little water is used during the process. This means that encapsulation isn’t required, allowing other trades to operate onsite at the same time.

We are proud to offer the full range of Quill Falcon wet abrasive blasting machines for sale and hire throughout Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and the Asia Pacific. All prices are available on request.

For our customers who purchase one of our wet abrasive blasting machines, we are pleased to provide 24/7 sales, service and support 365 days a year.

For our hire customers, we offer offer full onsite training and set-up of equipment, or alternatively machines can be collected from our workshop. Hire periods can be from as little as 1 day or for longer if required. We are able to supply customers with blast media that is suited to the work being undertaken and can arrange for all blast media to be delivered and/or restocked.

If you have a large-scale or challenging project that you think may be beyond your capabilities or expertise, please contact Australian Enviroblast, who provide professional abrasive blasting services throughout Adelaide and Australia.

To learn more about buying or hiring a wet abrasive blasting machine from the Quill Falcon Kwikblast® range, call us on 0458 455 668 or email us at info@quillfalconaustralia.com.au

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Call Quill Falcon Australia on 0458 455 668

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