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Falcon 60 Portable Wet Abrasive Blasting Machine for Sale and Hire

Falcon 60 Portable  Wet Abrasive Blasting Machine for Sale and Hire



Vessel Capacity 60litres
Dry Weight 120kg
Full Weight 260kg
Height 1100mm
Width 510mm
Depth 760mm
1 inch blast hose 20 - 100m




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The Falcon 60 is possibly the most versatile piece of equipment in the Quill Falcon Kwikblast range as it is both powerful and portable and can tackle abrasive blasting work for well over an hour before it requires refilling.

This versatility means that the Falcon 60 is ideal for use on smaller projects around the home, such as cleaning a driveway or patio, or larger tasks such as graffiti removal, line marking removal and cleaning brickwork.

To discuss your individual project requirements please call Mark on +61 (0)458 455 668 or email mark@quillfalconaustralia.com.au

Air Supply Requirements:

  • Suitable for oil rig air supply
  • Range 70 -250cfm @100psi
  • Blasting pressure 50 -100psi
  • ¾-2 inch air supply hose

Water Supply Requirements:

  • Potable water required
  • Constant standard tap pressure and flow
  • Typical consumption less than 1 litre per minute
  • Provides over 2 hours blasting

Blasting Media Requirements:

  • Standard particle blast media
  • Typical consumption 1kg per minute
  • Refill 1½ hours

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