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Falcon 60T Trailer Portable Wet Abrasive Blasting Machine for Sale and Hire

Quill Falcon 60T Trailer  Portable Wet Abrasive Blasting Machine for Sale and Hire



Vessel Capacity 60litres
Dry Weight 900kg
Full Weight 1170kg
Height 1650mm
Width 2110mm
Depth 3170mm
1 inch blast hose 20 - 60m



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The Falcon 60 Trailer is the most convenient wet abrasive blasting machine in the Quill Falcon range. Comprising of a Quill Falcon 60 Kwikblast system, a 60 litre water tank and a 90cfm compressor, it provides you with everything you need to start blasting almost immediately. The Falcon 60T takes away the hassle and worry of being held up on site waiting for plant hire companies to deliver compressors and of potentially unreliable water supplies.

Extremely versatile and suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, the Falcon 60T can be used for building restoration and renovations, line marking and graffiti removal, cleaning cement and concrete on pathways and car parks, or anywhere where wet abrasive blasting is effective.

The Falcon 60T can be towed by any standard vehicle, or we are happy to arrange delivery and provide on-site set up and training.

To discuss your individual project requirements please call Mark on +61 (0)458 455 668 or email mark@quillfalconaustralia.com.au

Air Supply Requirements:

  • Water cooled diesel engine
  • 90cfm @ 100psi
  • Blasting pressure 50 -100psi
  • 20 metre blast hose and storage reel

Air Supply Requirements:

  • Ball valve overflow
  • Capacity 120 litres
  • Provides over 2 hours blasting

Blasting Media Requirements:

  • Standard particle blast media
  • Typical consumption 1kg per minute
  • Refill 1½ hours

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