Why Hiring a Dustless Blasting Machine is the Environmentally Friendly Way to Go

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Dustless blasting machines combine conventional grit blasting with UHP jetting, but without the associated environmental hazards.

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Quill Falcon Cyclone dustless blasting machines are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective to use than dry abrasive blasters because they use limited amounts of water, emit low-level noise, and do not produce airborne particles in the way sandblasting does.

Our dustless blasters successfully combine conventional grit blasting with ultra high pressure (UHP) jetting — but without the associated environmental hazards or challenges. This is why they are suitable to hire and use in a wide variety of locations across Australia, including built up areas and residential neighbourhoods, and don’t impact negatively on the environment or immediate surrounds.

Dustless blasting uses less water and blast media

Quill Falcon Cyclone dustless blasting equipment does not cause environmental damage nor consume excessive natural resources, as a limited amount of water is used in the process and little dust and waste is produced.

Because it uses a blast media rather than just pressurised water and air alone, wet dustless blasting consumes far less water than ultra-high pressure blasting (UHP). Around 0.5 litres are used per minute, and so over the course of an entire day’s blasting, only between 200 to 250 litres of water are likely to be consumed. This is also in part because dustless blasting is a very fast process, and blasting rates up to 18m2 per hour can be achieved.

In addition, using a wet dustless blaster will mean that only around half the amount of blast media is consumed compared to conventional dry grit blasting, so there is far less waste that needs to be disposed of (reducing disposal costs as well). Furthermore, the used blast media will be much more contained, usually confined to a radius of 3 to 5 metres, as opposed to other blasting methods where the media can land as far as 20 metres away.

It is also the case that far less dust is produced when using our machines compared to conventional sandblasting or soda blasting equipment, meaning it can be easily encapsulated. This reduces the impact on the surrounding environment and structures, and makes the process safer for operators as well.

Another notable benefit is that a portable dustless blaster produces up to 21db less noise than other types of blasting equipment.

Our dustless blasting equipment for hire is easy to set up and operate

Quill Falcon dustless blasting machines are simple to operate and no specialist experience or qualifications are required. We provide full on-site training and in about 30 minutes most people are confident enough to use our equipment safely and effectively.

In addition, as wet abrasive blasting produces less dust than most other blasting methods, specialist personal protective equipment (PPE) is not required. Standard PPE, consisting of steel cap boots, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, disposable overalls, safety glasses, a face shield, ear protection and gloves are all that is required to use one of our machines.

Why hire a dustless blasting machine from Quill Falcon Australia?

We have a range of dustless blasting machines for hire (also known as sandblasters or wet abrasive blasting equipment). These vary in size and capacity, and we can help you find the right machine for the job.

You can hire any of the portable blasting equipment in our range for any period of time, from 1 day upwards. Available to hire across Australia, we can either arrange onsite delivery or for machines to be collected from our workshop in Wingfield.

In addition, our Cyclone 60T or 120T trailer-based portable dustless blasters can be towed by any standard vehicle, although we are happy to arrange delivery and provide training and set up on site.

We also supply the appropriate blast media required for the type of job and, for longer hires, we can restock media as it is required.

Alternatively, you can contact Australian Enviroblast if you have a larger sandblasting job, or you don’t have the time to tackle blasting work yourself.

Use Quill Falcon Cyclone dustless blasting machines almost anywhere

Our wet abrasive blasting machines are versatile and able to be operated in a variety of conditions. They use potable water, which can be gravity fed or from mains pressure, and an air supply comes with the equipment. In addition, there is no power required so our portable sandblasters can be operated self-sufficiently almost anywhere, even in places where mains water and power are difficult to access.

For especially challenging locations, the Quill Falcon Cyclone 60 Trailer and 120 Trailer are ideal. Consisting of a water tank and compressor mounted on a trailer, they can be used in remote or isolated locations across Australia where access to water and power supply can be limited.

However, you don’t have to be working on an industrial scale project to hire dustless blasting equipment from Quill Falcon. We have a range of portable dust blasters for hire that are suitable for small-scale jobs and domestic work as well.

What can dustless blasting machines be used for?

Dustless blasting is a versatile process that can be used in a range of applications, including removing rust and corrosion, stripping away old coatings and paint layers, and profiling surfaces in preparation for re-coating. A wide variety of surfaces can be profiled, including steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, brick, stone, cement and concrete, wood, fibreglass and bitumen.

This means that our slurry blasting equipment for hire is ideal for cleaning and restoring the brickwork in both modern and heritage buildings, and can also be used for getting rid of graffiti from all types of surfaces and structures. Using a portable abrasive blaster is also highly effective when it comes to line and road marking removal, or for getting rid of oil stains, tyre marks and other damage from concrete, bitumen and pavers.

Our machines are also suitable for a range of tasks around the home when you are renovating, or refurbishing your property prior to a sale. For instance, you can use wet blasting to strip away old layers of paint or other contaminants like soot, graffiti and exhaust fumes from exterior walls, fences, gates, patios and verandahs.

You can also use it to restore and clean paving stones, tiles, concrete and decking, and give a new lease of life to garden furniture or outdoor living spaces. Dustless blasting is also a quick and cost-effective way of getting rid of oil stains from driveways or removing the build up from around swimming pools.

If you live in a period home built from a heritage stone, such as sandstone, limestone or bluestone, wet blasting can remove soot, grime and other build up and revitalise the stonework.

Support when you buy a Quill Falcon portable dustless blaster

Our complete range of Quill Falcon Cyclone dustless blasting machines are also available for sale across Australia, and we are pleased to offer a high level of after sales support.

This includes service 7 days a week and we are always on hand to offer advice and guidance at any time after you make your purchase.

We are also happy to provide a free on-site demonstration so that you can any of our portable sandblasters in action for yourself.

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