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Our Quill Falcon Cyclone portable sandblasting machines are available for sale and hire across Australia.

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We specialise in portable sandblasters for sale and hire across Australia.

The Quill Falcon Cyclone range of portable sandblasting machines is suitable for both industrial and personal use, and the versatility of our dustless blasters means that they can be put to work in a wide variety of applications.

We stock portable sandblasters with a range of capacities, and these light and manoeuvrable machines are capable of undertaking both large – and small-scale dustless blasting jobs equally as well.

Whether you want to use a wet abrasive blaster simply to clean oil stains from your driveway or refresh the stonework on your home, or you require one for much bigger and more demanding projects on an industrial scale, we can supply you with a portable sandblaster that will be able to meet your specific needs.

Why use a portable dustless sandblaster?

Dustless blasting (also known as wet blasting) can be used for cleaning, preparing and profiling a wide variety of surfaces, structures and machinery, and is more effective than other blasting methods, such as shot blasting, soda blasting, or ultra high pressure cleaning.

The wet blasting method also produces greater efficiency (and therefore significantly reduced operating costs) than dry blasting, and it is widely regarded as being able to profile all types of surface more effectively than other blasting processes.

This is because contaminants don’t remain on the surface of the substrate with wet blasting, nor does blast media become embedded, and therefore a surface cleaned and profiled using dustless blasting is more effectively primed for repainting or the application of a protective coating.

How safe is dustless blasting?

Wet abrasive blasting using a Quill Falcon portable sandblaster produces a far safer working environment than other conventional methods, such as slurry blasting or grit blasting. When dry blasting is used, particles from the blast media can produce large amounts of dust, and this can spread to the immediate surrounds if proper encapsulation is not in place, or be inhaled by operators if their PPE is not up to scratch.

In contrast, with wet abrasive blasting the blast media is encased in water when it is propelled against the surface, and this cushioning prevents the media splintering and creating dust particles, producing a safer environment both for operators and the surrounding environment.

Portable Sandblasters Australia

Ultimately, this means that our portable sandblasters can be used anywhere — including around the home — with minimal encapsulation required, and they are safe to use in any sort of workspace or location.

Using a portable sandblaster around the home

Although Quill Falcon Cyclone dustless blasting machines are often put to work on huge industrial and marine blasting jobs, their versatility means they are just as useful around the home or in a domestic setting.

For instance, you can use a portable sandblaster to strip away old layers of paint and other contaminants from exterior walls, fences, patios and verandahs, prior to repainting. This ensures that you create a surface on your woodwork, brickwork or rendering which will allow that the new paint or coating to adhere better and last longer.

If you live in a period home built from a heritage stone, such as sandstone, limestone or bluestone, wet blasting can remove soot, grime and other build up and revitalise the stonework, making it an effective restoration tool.

A portable sandblaster is also an effective tool for restoring outdoor living spaces, and is an efficient way of cleaning paving stones, concrete and decking. Likewise, wet blasting gets rid of oil stains from driveways and other surfaces quickly and easily.

Why using a portable sandblaster is more effective than UHP cleaning

Both wet abrasive blasting and high pressure water cleaning (also known as waterblasting, hydrojetting or hydroblasting) have some similarities, but there are key differences between the two that means dustless blasting is more effective in any sort of work environment.

The major and most important difference is that wet blasting uses a blast media, rather than just pressurised water, and it is this blast media that so effectively removes corrosion and contaminants (including old layers of paint, varnish, etc.), but without doing any damage to the underlying surface.

This makes wet blasting highly effective at removing oil residue from concrete or stone driveways, contamination from swimming pool surrounds, and stains from any other type of surface around the home.

It’s easy to hire a portable sandblaster

Hiring, setting up and using a portable sandblaster from Quill Falcon Australia is simple to do. We have a range of machines with different capacities and capabilities, and we can help you to select the right Cyclone dustless blasting machine for the job.

We can arrange for a machine to be delivered to you onsite, and will also supply the appropriate blast media for the work you’re doing. We will also provide training for all of your operators (which takes around 30 minutes), and advise you on any PPE that is required.

Our portable sandblasting machines are available to hire for any length of time, but you can also contact Australian Enviroblast if you have a large-scale blasting project to take on that requires a larger, professional team.

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